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Morning Sixers: October 17th, 2022

A reintroduction to the Morning Sixers newsletter, a recap of the Sixers' moves to finalize the roster, and thoughts on Matisse Thybulle's potential rookie-scale contract extension.

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With the return of the NBA season brings back the return of the Morning Sixers newsletter.

My general plan during the regular season will be to publish on the following schedule:

  • Monday through Friday "Morning Sixers" newsletters.
  • Columns on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • A "Week in Review" newsletter on Sunday.

The "Morning Sixers" newsletter will be relatively light in terms of analysis, with just a few hundred words or so of my thoughts on topics of the day, which might include brief thoughts on last night's game, or tonight's matchup or, in the case of today's newsletter, Matisse Thybulle's extension deadline. I'll also then throw in stuff I think you might find useful – quotes from last night's game, links to the full press conferences (when I'm in attendance), a key stat from the victory or defeat, and links to content about the Sixers published in the last 24 hours that you may have missed.

The "Week in Review" will be aimed at recapping the past week in Sixers land, highlighting some of the best content about the Sixers from the past week, along with stray thoughts on any topics that warrant clarification or trends that stand out, but that maybe didn't make their way into a larger column.

Columns will be, well, columns. I'll play around with various formats, including Likes and Dislikes, Stat of the Week, or a dive deep on a single issue.

There will then also be various other types of content, including reacting to important news, subscriber Q+A's, Mailbags, or features, but those won't be on a schedule.

One thing you may not have seen explicitly mentioned here is game coverage. Coverage of last night's game will largely fall into the Morning Sixers newsletters, which is where I'll dump the most important quotes and the key stats from last night's game, along with some brief thoughts. But I will try to keep them brief, and instead try to weave my major takeaways and observations from the games into the columns.

This is in part because I really want the Morning Sixers newsletter to be more of a short and concise (today excluded) resource for you readers, as a way to get you caught up and up to speed. But it's also because zooming out, looking at trends, and trying to piece together what it all means for the future is both what I am more interested in, and also what I think I do (slightly) better, than writing a traditional game recap.  I have a lot of respect for my peers, whether that's Kyle's instant observations or Rich's film breakdowns or Gina's storytelling, and I will link to all of those in the newsletters. Rather than trying to duplicate their excellent work I'd rather focus my efforts on where I feel like I can add a tiny bit of value.

Also, as a reminder you can selectively opt-out of receiving emails for specific types of content. Don't find the Morning Sixers newsletter useful? You can turn that off, but still receive the columns and the Week in Review emails. Would you rather go to the website and read them all that way? You can disable all emails from the site. Simply click on the 'Account' tab at the top right corner of the website and click the 'Manage' button next to Emails. My only suggestion would be to wait a couple of weeks to get a gauge of what formats you find interesting.

Anyway, without further ado, and with an apology over the length of the intro after I just said that goal was to keep them brief...

Recapping the roster moves

Over the past few days the Sixers...

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