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About The Daily Six

My name is Derek Bodner, and I'm a veteran NBA reporter who has covered the Philadelphia 76ers as a credentialed member of the media for more than a decade.

I got my start covering the NBA Draft for, before going on to become the lead NBA Draft writer for USA Today Sports. I have covered the Philadelphia 76ers for SB Nation, Philadelphia magazine and, for the previous four and a half years, as a senior writer for The Athletic, helping to launch The Athletic Philadelphia and establishing it as one of the premier sports media outlets in the Philadelphia market.

My goal here with The Daily Six newsletter is to appeal to die-hard fans of the Philadelphia 76ers by:

  • Being a resource for 76ers fans, curating all the news from around the web to deliver a newsletter to your inbox in the morning so you're up to speed on your favorite team.
  • Using the experience I have gained and the connections I have made to add key context that will enhance your fandom and understanding of the sport.
  • Using the benefits of the independent, direct-to-consumer subscription model to avoid the trappings of clickbait and sensationalism. I have built my career off of earning the trust of the 76ers fan base. My goal isn't to get clicks, my goal is to add enough value to convince you to renew.
  • Direct access to the journalist who covers your favorite team. You'll be invited to a private Discord. You'll have my email address. Feel free to reach out.

My style of writing will involve deep dives on the Collective Bargaining Agreement and its impact on team building, using advanced analytics to help paint the picture of what is happening on the court, diving into video breakdowns to help explain what I'm seeing and using my access to help interpret what is going on.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, consider becoming a subscriber. You can read more about what I'm looking to do with the newsletter over at my introductory post. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.