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Morning Sixers: November 24th, 2022

Quick thoughts and key stats from last night's loss to the Hornets; link roundup.

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I'm going to keep this one short, for a couple of reasons.

First, that was perhaps the least interesting game of the season. With Embiid, Harden, Maxey and Thybulle all out, and playing on the tail end of a home/road back-to-back, there wasn't a ton of reason to expect an A+ showing from your squad, and a reasonable understanding that this was likely to be a C- or D+ effort. That's not what any of you want to hear, but having watched the sport for long enough this had "schedule disappointment written all over it.

(I say "schedule disappointment" here rather than "schedule loss" because a C- effort could still have won a game against the now 5-14 Charlotte Hornets, especially when they're playing without LaMelo Ball. Which certainly makes last night's loss frustrating, since it was a chance to pick up a win so there's less ground to make up once the stars return, but it seemed highly unlikely we'd come away from this game going "man, that was an encouraging performance.")

The second reason to keep this short is that many of us have family obligations to get to, and better things to do with our time than to read about Shake Milton / Montrezl Harrell pick-and-rolls, or about the Sixers' struggles to defend Mason Plumlee of all people.

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