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Here's where things stand heading into the final weekend

The Sixers played a game last night. Technically. Here's what you need to know as the Sixers head into the final weekend of the regular season.

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Last night's game against the Miami Heat was not a serious game of basketball. Not from the Sixers' perspective, at least, as they came into the game locked in as the 3rd seed.

"We didn't come to play tonight. We didn't have great energy. Very difficult game to have energy, honestly," Rivers said after the game. "We wanted guys to kind of burn a couple minutes and then get them off the floor."

Rather than write a serious game recap for an unserious game, let's take a few moments to take stock of where this leaves the Sixers with two games left, using a fake Q+A format.

Are you concerned about last night's performance?

I take just about nothing from last night's game.

You could tell right from the jump that the Sixers' effort was lacking in this one. And for as much as Embiid's individual skill level might overcome that on some nights, when the Jimmy Butler Miami Heat need to be perfect from here on out to avoid the Play-In tournament, Embiid making a few circus shots here and there wasn't going to be enough to overcome the effort gap.

"I really struggled with playing guys at all. I really did," Rivers said of playing in a game with no stakes. "I have a lot of coaches, friends, in the league and talked to a bunch of them about this. That's how much I was concerned about it. It was unanimous to play, and I felt the other way, honestly. I just think human nature is, just, hard.

"I was more upset at me today, because even though I heard everyone say 'play play play', my mind said the exact opposite," Rivers concluded.

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