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Sixers training camp review

Take all training camp observations with a grain of salt; here are my training camp observations.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers capped off a relatively uneventful* training camp yesterday afternoon, the last bit of preparation before their preseason slate of games kicks off tonight in Brooklyn.

(*Uneventful outside of Hurricane Ian making landfall in the middle of camp, of course).

Training camp, especially this year, presents a bit of a challenge as a reporter.

In a perfect world the way I'd like to report on basketball is to make an observation, use some video clips to explain what I'm seeing, throw in some data to add necessary context, then get quotes from the perspective of those directly involved to paint the full picture and offer their perspective. It's not always possible to go four for four, but that is the general blueprint.

Training camp is unique in how it is virtually impossible to come even close to achieving that goal. Not only is there obviously no data to be collected, but there aren't even really observations to be made. By the time they let us in at the conclusion of practice we rarely* see more than shooting drills. Instead, we're left going almost entirely off of what we're told.

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