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Sixers waive Isaiah Joe and Charles Bassey. Here's what you need to know.

The Philadelphia 76ers waived both Charles Bassey and Isaiah Joe today to trim the roster down to 15 players. Why Bassey and Joe? And what flexibility do they gain?

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The Philadelphia 76ers waived former second-round picks Charles Bassey and Isaiah Joe to trim the roster down to the regular season roster limit of 15, a league source has confirmed to The Daily Six.

Joe, 23, was selected by the Sixers with the 49th overall selection in the 2020 NBA draft. Bassey, 21, was the 53rd pick in 2021.

Why did the Sixers cut Joe and Bassey? What flexibility did they gain?

Michael Foster Jr, Julian Champagnie and Charlie Brown Jr

Officially, the Sixers currently have 15 players under NBA contracts. That total includes Michael Foster Jr, who was signed to an Exhibit 10 contract after going unselected in the 2022 NBA draft. Exhibit 10 deals offer a bonus to players who are cut during training camp and eventually sign with the G-League, and would give the Sixers the right to have those Exhibit 10 players they cut during camp on their G-League affiliate, the Delaware Blue Coats. Players under Exhibit 10 deals can also be converted to two-way contracts.

In addition to that, the Sixers currently have Charlie Brown Jr and Julian Champagnie on two-way deals.

What the heck is a two-way contract? (click to expand)

Two way contracts are hybrid NBA/G-League deals. There are a lot of rules that go into two-way contracts, but the key here is that teams can have up to two players on two-way contracts at any given time, and that players under two-way contracts do not count towards the team's 15-man regular season roster limit, nor do they count against the salary cap. 

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