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Philadelphia 76ers 2023 Free Agency FAQ

How Harden's decision to opt into the second year of his contracts impacts the Sixers, and where they go from here.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

James Harden opted into the second year of his two-year deal yesterday, which will pay him $35.64 million for the upcoming 2023-24 season. More importantly, Harden opted in under one condition: he wants to be traded.

We spent much of the winter talking about the possibility that Harden might actually leave for a reunion in Houston, then spent the last few weeks increasingly focused on a return to Philly, as most of the reporting suggested that it was almost a sure thing. This is a plot twist that nobody really saw coming.

I've compiled a quick FAQ as an attempt to answer some of the most commonly asked questions that I've seen pop up as a result of the news. I will have a follow-up article that's more editorialized with my thoughts.

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