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Morning Sixers: November 9th, 2022

More thoughts on Embiid's return; limiting the role of the backup point guards; Maxey running an Embiid-centric offense; link roundup, including power rankings.

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  • Embiid's encouraging return to play.
  • Maxey running the Embiid-centric offense without Harden.
  • Link roundup.

Well, I'm clearly an idiot.

Why this time? Back in my Week in Review newsletter I noted how Joel Embiid has frequently struggled after returning to action from a layoff, and with the Sixers' tough schedule this week that could put the Sixers in a bit of a hole.

Well, it was only one game but that was very much not the case in Monday's win over the Suns, where Embiid was dominant and in control of the team's offensive attack. Did he look visibly tired at times? For sure. But he didn't look sluggish, either in his movements or in his decision making, both of which frequently show up when his conditioning isn't at its best. His first test after returning from a week-long layoff with the flu was a success.

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