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Week in Review: Joel Embiid's brilliance overshadows a soul-crushing win

Joel Embiid is great. The Sixers, at least right now, are not.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought you were out, Joel Embiid pulls you back in.

Okay, that's probably not true for a good chunk of the Delaware Valley, who are far more invested in the 12-1 Philadelphia Eagles, or even in the offseason happenings of the defending National League champion Philadelphia Phillies, than they are of the largely underachieving local basketball squad.

There is so much that is frustrating about this year's Philadelphia 76ers team, from their indifference to transition defense, to getting bludgeoned on a nightly basis on the glass to careless and inexcusable turnovers in crucial situations, watching this team can at times feels like the kind of activity only a true masochist would willingly opt into.

This team almost never seems to win games on the margins. It doesn't do the little things to eke out wins, to overachieve, or to get the most out of their talent. When they win it seems to come from one of two blueprints: either their shot the heck out of the ball, or Joel Embiid was unstoppable.

This week, where the Sixers went 2-1, saw both happen, with the Sixers shooting 46.6% from deep (best in the league) and Embiid dropping 130 points over a three game stretch. Or, in PJ Tucker terms, Embiid scored more points (91) between Friday and Sunday than Tucker (89) has all season long.

We are witnessing one of the greatest players in franchise history continue to evolve deep into his prime. That makes the struggles, and the flaws, of the team all the more aggravating, but that aggravation should not allow us to lose sight of just how special Joel Embiid has become.

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