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Sixers draft guide, part 1 of 2: rumor and mock draft roundup

Rounding up the latest news, trade rumors, and mock draft selections as we get ready for tonight's NBA draft.

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This is part 1 of a two-part Sixers draft day guide. Part 2, focused on some of the prospects who could be available to the Sixers with the 23rd pick, can be found here.

Draft day is here, which means we're not only at the point in the season where teams can get an exciting infusion of young talent, but we're also at one of the two busiest days in the NBA calendar in terms of #TradeSzn.

I'm going to split today's pre-draft coverage into two separate posts: the first, this one, will be about some of the rumors that involve the Sixers, along with a recap of who the mock drafts currently have the Sixers selecting. The second (much longer) post will be my thoughts on some of the draft prospects who could be available to the Sixers do keep their pick.

The purpose of the follow-up post isn't necessarily for you to read the full thing, and certainly not to read the full thing before tonight's draft. It's for you to skim, looking at the tables comparing the prospects, read specific sections about a prospects you may like or have questions about, or to come back later on in the night to read my thoughts on the prospect the Sixers actually select.

With that out of the way...

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