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Sixers draft guide, part 2 of 2: The prospects

My 2022 Sixers-focused big board, statistical deep dives, and thoughts on various prospects who could be selected by the Sixers with the 23rd overall pick.

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This is part 2 of a two-part Sixers draft day guide. Part 1, focused on rounding up the latest mock drafts and making sense of rumors involving the Sixers, can be found here.

Note #1: The intention here is not for you to read the full thing, but instead to pick and choose sections. The intention is for it to be consumed in a number of different ways, depending on what you want to get out of it. Some will just skim the top and look at my overall draft board, while others will look for my thoughts on specific prospects that you're interested in, or that you don't know much about, and others will find the tables comparing stats from each of the prospects useful. And others will just come back to this article later tonight to get my thoughts on the prospect the Sixers draft, if they do in fact make a pick. Whichever way you choose to digest this post is fine by me, but for all that is good in this world please do not read the full thing.

Note #2: Back in the day I used to cover the NBA draft for DraftExpress and USA Today. As someone who previously spent all 12 months scouting prospects, helicopter draft analysts who would swoop in at the last second and pretend to be experts, without having put in the work, used to annoy the ever living heck out of me. Now I am that very "one month per year" draft analyst I previously loathed. Over the last few weeks I've tried to dive into the draft as deep as I possibly could, and watched as much film as possible, in an effort to be marginally more informed, but at the end of the day I can't bridge the gap between the amount of film that I have watched compared to someone like Jonathan Givony in the span of a couple of weeks.  As such, consider these more as my first impressions than fully fledged scouting reports.

With those disclaimers out of the way...

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