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Morning Sixers: November 11th, 2022

Another terrible performance from the Sixers' offense without Harden; Embiid questions Doc's decision to take him out of the game; key stats from the loss; link roundup.

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Sometimes when covering a team that plays virtually every other day over a six month stretch, you start to worry that you're going to be finding different ways to write the same postgame column night after night after night. The strengths and weaknesses of a team tend to be consistent, after all.

It's tough to give the Sixers, off to a 5-7 start to a season that started with expectations as high as the Sixers' were, too much credit for anything right now. But I will give them credit for this: when I sit down to watch a game, I have no idea what to expect. Overall, the team has been frustrating more often than not (hence the 5-7 record), but the flavor of frustrating can change from night to night.

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