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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022

The Sixers will take on the Knicks on Wednesday night as James Harden makes his Wells Fargo Center debut as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Hey all,

Before we get into the newsletter, just wanted to throw a few quick ICYMI's in at the top.

The first is part 1 (of a two part series) focusing on early takeaways from the start of the James Harden era in Philadelphia. In this one, I focus on the Embiid/Harden pick-and-roll, Tobias Harris's struggles, Harden's impact on the Sixers' transition game and why Harden needs to move a tiny bit more when he's playing off the ball as Embiid's going to work in the post.

Likes and dislikes: Early takeaways from the start of the James Harden era (part 1)
Two likes, and two “dislikes”, to the start of the James Harden era in Philly. From Embiid as a roll man to Tobias Harris’ struggles, we dive deep on some early impressions of the new-look Sixers.

The second bit of content was that Rich and I dropped a new podcast, talking about Charlie Brown Jr's recent play in the G-League. Or about James Harden. We definitely talked about one of those two topics. I'll leave you all in suspense about which. Links to all the different ways you can listen to the pod are below.

@SixersBeat | Linktree
A Philadelphia 76ers podcast, by The Athletic’s Derek Bodner and Rich Hofmann.

I'm currently working on part 2 of the Likes and Dislikes column, so be on the lookout for that.

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