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Philadelphia 76ers offseason primer: draft picks, salary cap breakdown, and more

Are you uncertain what draft picks the Sixers can trade? Or where they stand in terms of the salary cap? Can they use Danny Green's non-guaranteed contract as a trade chip? Today's primer is aimed at clarifying those questions so we can kick off our offseason coverage.

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In today's newsletter I'll run through a couple of key points as we start transitioning into offseason coverage. Part of this newsletter will be aimed at clarifying some of the questions I have received since the season ended, and some of it will be used as a jumping off point for future deep dives.

Covered in today's newsletter:

  • Overview of the Sixers' draft pick situation. Including:
    • Details on the status of the 2022 pick (Brooklyn's right to defer, the date we'll find that out by, my thoughts on the outcome).
    • Clarification of the Stepien Rule.
    • Breakdown of what draft picks the Sixers can trade.
  • Brief cap breakdown
    • Guaranteed salaries on the books for 2022-23.
    • The Harden/Green situations.
    • Reminder on what triggers the hard cap.
    • The feasibility of clearing significant cap room.
  • Thoughts on trading Tobias Harris.
  • Clarification on using Danny Green's contract as a trade chip.

One note: if you see a section titled "click to expand", it means there's more information available in a dropdown box, usually a brief explainer on a topic or a rule. I'm putting that info in dropdowns rather than the main story so that people who are already familiar with, say, the Stepien Rule can skip right by it and not have to read the explainer every time I bring it up, but people who are uncertain can click the dropdown to get the details. This, sadly, only works when viewed in a web browser, and will be automatically expanded if you read the post in email.

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