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Week in review: Roster updates, Paul Reed switching, and more

Where the Sixers stand after waiving Trevelin Queen, and what to watch out for in the final two preseason games.

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With the season quickly approaching it's time to bring back the Week in Review newsletter, which is geared towards providing a summary of what happened last week in Sixers' land, giving a quick look ahead, and offering stray thoughts on topics that may not require a full column devoted to them.

Waiving Trevelin Queen + roster update

The Sixers waived Trevelin Queen yesterday, bringing their roster down to 19 players, which includes 17 players on NBA contracts and two on two-way contracts.

A few quick notes/reminders on NBA roster limits:

  • During the regular season, teams are allowed to have up to 15 players under NBA contracts, plus up to two players on two-way deals.
  • During the offseason, teams are allowed to have 20 players under contract, which includes any players under two-way contracts.
  • Two-way contracts are hybrid G-League/NBA deals. Currently, the Sixers have Charlie Brown Jr and Julian Champagnie on two-way contracts.

Waiving Queen brings the Sixers down to 19 total players under contract (17 NBA contracts, 2 two-way contracts). That means the Sixers have to trim two more players to meet the 15 player roster limit when the regular season starts.

Champagnie and Brown are theoretically safe, since waiving them wouldn't get the Sixers closer to the 15 player regular season roster limit, but they could be cut if the Sixers decided they wanted to use either of their two-way roster spots on a different player, perhaps someone who was cut by another team.

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