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The salary cap projection has increased to $123.6 million. How does that impact the Sixers?

The NBA increased the salary cap projection for 2022-23 to $123.6 million. How does that impact the Sixers' pursuit of P.J. Tucker, and the rest of their offseason plans?

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The NBA released updated projections for the 2022-23 salary cap, increasing the projected cap figure to $123.6 million, according to Tim Bontemps of ESPN. The previous projections were for a $122 million cap.

That impacts a lot of what we've been talking about for the last few weeks. Let's try to break it down quickly.

Relevant numbers for the Sixers

These calculations come from Keith Smith of Spotrac.

  • Cap: $123.655 million (from the previous estimate $122 million).
  • Luxury tax: $150.267 million (from $149 million).
  • Apron: $156.983 million (from $155.7 million. This is the hard cap if the NTMLE or BAE is used).
  • Non-taxpayer MLE: $10.490 million (from $10.3 million).
  • Taxpayer MLE: $6.479 million (from $6.392 million).
  • Bi-Annual exception: $4.105 million (from $4.05 million).
  • 35% max starting salary: $43.26 million (from $42.7 million).

How does that impact P.J. Tucker?

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